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- Thinking about selling your collection?
- Not sure who to call?
- Too many creepy crawly people on Craigslist? You DO NOT want that! LOL And some of those guys actually SMELL! YUCK!
- Too many people frothing at the bit to offer you pennies for your lifelong collection? 
- I am a collector of over 35 years, I will treat your collection with the love and passion it deserves, I can pay more than most because I do NOT have a brick and mortar store, I do not have a giant payroll to cover, no liability insurance in case someone slips and falls, it's just me and my wife working from home and one hell of an inventory!
- I will share with you all the most recent sales data to show true market value, sometimes it is way more than guide prices, sometimes way less.  
- I will show you the grade of each comic book and I can provide actual graded books to use as a reference to show the condition of your books in order to ascertain true value
- I will pay you up to 100% of guide prices (or more!) on golden age books and KEY silver age books!!
- I can be anywhere in the country with cash in hand within 24 hours!
You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain!

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