So let me tell you a little about us and how we got started. My name is Jason Brodnick, I am 48 and have collected comic books since I was 11. Love everything about them,  the smell, how they fell, the art, the stories and how they relate to society and to me personally. I remember I was walking home from school, on the way home in an alley I found a copy of ROM #18. Thought it was the coolest thing!, The X-Men ganging up on a space guy (ROM). Cover was done by Frank Miller and Joe Rubenstein. The cover is what got me! Frank Miller is AWESOME! Wicked cool! I read it when I got home that day, I was instantly glued to the pages. I had to find out more about the story! I found a comic store near me on Macdade Blvd., Comic Universe, place is still there too! I bought ROM #17 (was 0.50 cents cover price and still on the shelf!). I was hooked ever since! Started chasing the X-men, Then ROM, then sticking with Marvel I kept going, lol. I LOVED the Claremont/Cockrum & Claremont/Byrne runs on X-Men. 

So, to make a long store short, I've collectd a long time, hurt my back 5 years ago at work, susequently lost my job a short time later because of all the medical issues surrounding my back . I started selling some of my personal books to make ends meet because Workers Comp doesn't pay crap. The idea of parting with my books KILLED me as I am sure  most collector's will agree. Once I got over the initial pain of selling a few books I quickly purchased more and the pain went away HAHAHAHA. So that was the formula, sell some, buy more! I LIKE IT Turns out I like the Thrill of the HUNT almost as much as I like my books. So I still collect, still love my books but not afraid to sell them now. 

This venture really began when I negotiated with a guy who had a trunk full of comic books, he won them in a poker game and wanted some quick cash. I offered him $400 and a Ryobi Circular Saw. LOL. Turned that lot into $1400 and Little Giant Comics was born! 

Currently it is just me and my lovely wife Celeste, we will do our absolute best to accomodate any requests you have. 

This is VENOM First Host #1 Shattered Variant! Little Giant Comics is proud to be able to offer the Shattered Variants for pre-sale. 

*See the Shattered Comics tab for details

Available soon in the Little Giant Comics  Ebay store!